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Face Painting

Face Painting is one of the most enjoyable activities you can offer at your event.  It is fun for young and old.  It breaks the ice, starts conversations and will ensure that the event is memorable for everyone.  Like all our services, we offer professional a professional face painting service that is worth every penny.  Our painters are always well dressed and have a neat and organized station.  We use hypo-allergenic paints that will not irritate the skin.

Why hire us? 


Unlike freelance face painters, we do this as a business.  So you can be at ease knowing that you will get a professional service every time. We will contact you the week before the event, to go over all the arrangements, confirm the time and location, confirm the setup, theme, etc. We will also arrive a little earlier than arranged to set everything up and to ensure that everything runs smoothly. 

Quality of work: 

One of the biggest things to look for when hiring a face painter is the quality of work.  There is nothing worse than paying an astronomical fee and then getting results that are questionable, to say the least. Our artists are all very artistic, ensuring that every face is a living work of art. 

Quality Paints: 

You would think that this is a given when working with a face painter, but this is definitely not the case.  We have seen untrained face painters using craft paints on kids' faces which can have detrimental effects on the skin. Our paints are high-quality, imported,  hypoallergenic and FDA approved.  So you can rest assured that you will have no angry phone calls the next day. 


We work with a network of the best face painters in the country, so if you need more than one painter, you don't need to make a 100 phone calls, you can leave that to us.  You can rest assured that all the painters we will provide are equally talented and professional.

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