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Non-Toxic does not mean skin safe!

Using the wrong type of paint on a child's skin can have detrimental effects.

When choosing a Face Painter make sure you make sure that they are well trained and are using skin-safe hypo-allergenic paints.

Face Painting

Be weary of the advice you take!

So many times I see people on Facebook giving disastrous advice on what to use as face paint at a party.

“Just get some stencils and craft water paints!”

NO!! this is the worst advice ever!

Just because the label shows non-toxic doesn't mean it is skin safe. Most craft paints contain harmful chemicals that can have detrimental effects when applied to the skin. The internet is full of horror stories you can read up on when it comes to this subject.

Here is a link to a very detailed article on the subject.

Harlequin Face Painting uses hypo-allergenic, FDA approved, professional grade face paints!

Hiring the right face painter is not just important for the success of your function but also the safety of your guests. Make sure you do proper homework beforehand.

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